Unleash the Power of Your Nikon Digital SLR

Whether you are in the studio or out in the field, CameraRC Deluxe is the superior solution for controlling your Nikon Digital SLR. CameraRC Deluxe runs on both Windows or Mac Computers and gives you the maximum tethered control over your Nikon Camera of any solution at an economical price. The CameraRC Deluxe interface is designed for the photographer, letting you control all aspects of the photographic experience. Check out our Introduction Video on the right or Feature Page to find out more about the many capabilities of CameraRC Deluxe.

CameraRC Deluxe software is now FREE for personal or commercial use, but please do not re-distribute the files on this page yourself. Please consider making a donation toward the ongoing costs of development and maintenance. The recommended donation is $30.00, but feel free to donate any amount you want.

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Main Features of CameraRC Deluxe

  • Large Variety of Interface Styles
    Over a dozen different Interface Styles from which to select.
  • Show Me How Guided Directions and Video Tutorials
    CameraRC Deluxe features a unique Show Me How capability to help learn how to use the program along with Video Tutorials.
  • Dockable Option Windows
    Keep the controls you need close at hand while hiding those that are not in use.
  • Onion Skin, Mask, and Grid Composition Aids
    Create Image Masks and Onion Skins to use when composing images in Live View.
  • Light Table
    Compare multiple images side by side on the Light Table.
  • Movie Recording & Saving
    Record movies directly from the computer and save the results to your hard drive.
  • Voice Command & Control
    CameraRC Deluxe supports Voice Commands for common camera control operations.
  • Virtual Horizon
    Display a Virtual Horizon on the live view image.
  • Advanced Bracketing
    Full control for Standard Bracketing plus added control with our Extended Bracketing Feature.
  • Flexible File Naming
    Create file names and paths that include your camera model plus date and time.
  • Custom Bracketing
    Create Custom Brackets using any combination of Shutter Speed, Aperture, or ISO – Span EV ranges of 16 EV and more.
  • Focus Stack Capture
    Use Image Focus Stacks to achieve greater depth of focus.
  • Save & Restore Shooting Sessions
    Easily save and restore camera settings to files on your computer for future shooting sessions.
  • Automatic Image Saving & Backup
    Create file names and paths that include your camera model plus date and time – automatically save your images on capture to the computer.
  • Quick Control Finder
    The CameraRC Deluxe Control Finder will help you navigate your way  through the many Camera Controls.
  • Easy Text and Date Entry
    Changing the copyright, comments, or date is fast and simple using CameraRC Deluxe.
  • Interval Shooting
    CameraRC Deluxe has 4 different Interval Shooting Modes to suit most any situation.
  • Custom Picture Control Wizard
    Easily create and name Custom Picture Controls with our simple to use wizard.
  • White Balance Preset Wizard
    The CameraRC Deluxe White Balance Wizard will take you step by step through creating a White Balance Preset.
  • Image Histogram
    CameraRC Deluxe can display the histogram for both captured images and Live View.
  • Floating Live View Window
    Live View features an independent floating window with all the controls needed to compose and capture your images.
  • Multiple Monitor Support
    Use multiple monitors to run live view while displaying captured images on a separate monitor.
  • Send-To Processing Program
    Automatically send captured images to a separate program for printing or editing.