CameraRC Deluxe Release 1.3.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CameraRC Deluxe 1.3.0. With this new release CameraRC Deluxe now supports the Nikon D5 and D500. A number of new controls were added to support the D5 and D500 – you can find a list of these controls in the Release Notes.

There are a couple of great new features in this release:

  • Open Aperture Live View Shooting – New Nikon models stop down the aperture in Live View when using Manual or Aperture preferred Exposure Mode that leads to a dim display with small apertures. The “Hold Aperture Open in Live View” feature allows using Manual or Aperture preferred Exposure Mode while holding the live view aperture open when using Live View.
  • The “Transfer JPEG Image Only” feature is used when shooting RAW + JPEG and downloading to Computer + Camera. When this feature is checked only the JPEG file is downloaded to the computer; this can be used to provide faster shot to shot times while still downloading an image to the computer for display.

There were also several bug fixes in this release that you can also read about in the Release Notes.

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