CameraRC Deluxe Version 2.0.0 Released

We are excited to announce a new release of CameraRC Deluxe that adds some significant new features to our product and also introduces our new Professional Edition. This release also adds support for the Nikon D5 Update 1 and the D5600 cameras. For a full list of changes see the Release Notes.

The major new features introduced in this release that are part of the Professional (PRO) release are:

  • Image Comparison Light Table – Now you can compare multiple images on a light table to determine the best copy of a captured image.
  • Variable Gridlines – Create vertical and horizontal gridlines at any location on a live view image – save the gridlines for future use.
  • New Licensing Terms – Our PRO license lets you install and use CameraRC Deluxe on up to 3 computer systems at the same time.

See the Edition Comparisons page to see the major differences between the Professional and Standard editions.

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