CameraRC Deluxe Version 2.0.5 Released

The latest release of CameraRC Deluxe is primarily a small fix release. In addition to fixing a few issues we have updated the Libraries provided by Nikon on Mac computers to better support MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) release. We also made some enhancements to the Activation process to address errors on Windows 7 when Network Adapters are not enabled.

The defects corrected are as follows:

  • Corrected intermittent issue on Mac computers with some camera models disconnecting when starting/stopping Live View.
  • Corrected bug with image panning not working in Image Viewer.
  • Fixed issue with interval timer operation in start-stop mode not working correctly.
  • Corrected issues with Variable Gridlines being hidden when Live View Window is expanded.

With this release CameraRC Deluxe no longer officially supports Windows Vista or MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). While we have tested on both of these releases and they do appear functional, we cannot guarantee error free operation as our tool vendors no longer officially support these OS releases. Note that Windows Vista End of Life and support from Microsoft terminates April 11, 2017. While Apple does not have an official End Of Life policy, they stopped sending out security updates for 10.8 in August of 2015.

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