We are happy to announce release 2.7 CameraRC Deluxe. The biggest news with with release 2.7 is that CameraRC Deluxe is now distributed as Freeware for both personal and commercial use. In this release we have added support for all the latest Nikon camera updates and added support for the D6, D780, Z5, Z6-II, and Z7-II – see the Release Notes for more information. While CameraRC Deluxe is now Freeware, we do encourage donations towards the ongoing costs of development and maintenance.

Another change that will be noticed is our support model. In the past, most support was provided directly via email and we always tried to respond to any issue within 8 hours. We will now rely more the Forum for support and response times will be slower. The forum has seen little use in the past but we hope to increase its usage in the future. Please visit the Download Page for more information and to get the latest copy of CameraRC Deluxe.