CameraRC Deluxe will not be supporting versions of macOS after Mojave (10.14); this regrettable situation is a result of Apple requiring all applications to be 64 bit beginning with Catalina (10.15) and the provider of the tools that we use to build CameraRC Deluxe being unwilling to provide us with tools to build for 64 bit on macOS. Our suggestions if you wish to continue to use CameraRC Deluxe on macOS are to either remain on Mojave or an earlier release of macOS, or switch to using our Windows version on macOS by running inside of a Windows Virtual machine. Our apologies to those impacted by this change – we tried for 3 years to get our tools vendor to update to 64 bit and were told it was on their roadmap, it was only last month we were notified they no longer have plans to update leaving us with no alternative but to discontinue future support for macOS.