The latest release of CameraRC Deluxe resolves an issue with crashes for the Z6 and Z7 camera models at Firmware Update 1 or 2. You can find more details in the Release Notes.

The latest release of CameraRC Deluxe includes support for the Nikon Z50 and also fixes some issues related to connecting to the Z6 & Z7. There were also a few minor display improvements and a bug in Movie Live View corrected. You can find more details in the Release Notes.

This release only contains updates to the Nikon Libraries for improved support of the following Cameras:

  • Nikon library updates to fix connectivity issues with D3, D3S, D300, D300S, and D700.
  • Nikon Library updates to support Z6 & Z7 firmware “C” Ver. 2.00.

See the Release Notes for added information.

CameraRC Deluxe currently will not be supporting versions of macOS after Mojave (10.14). Please see our article on Support for macOS Catalina and Beyond.

We are happy to announce Release 2.5.1 of CameraRC Deluxe that now has support for the new Z6 & Z7 mirror-less cameras from Nikon and official support for macOS Mojave. In addition to support for the new cameras, this release also incorporates the latest Nikon SDK’s that give improved stability on all releases of macOS. For more information on the release checkout the release notes.

This is primarily a small bug release that fixes a couple of small issues with Mac computers and some minor problems in the capture of White Balance Presets. To get more details on the fixes please check the Release Notes.

Our latest Release of CameraRC Deluxe now features support for the Nikon D850 – Thanks to those customers who helped us in testing and for everyone’s patience.

We also have added a few enhancements and fixed a couple of small defects. Also fixed were issues with the D500 not being detected on some computers and intermittent crashes with the D7500. Finally, we now officially support macOS High Sierra (10.13) that did have a few small issues in the prior releases. Please note that macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion), macOS 10.9 (Mavericks), and Windows Vista are not longer officially supported – CameraRC Deluxe may install and run but we are unable to provide any support for  these operating systems. To get a full list of enhancements and fixes please check the Release Notes.

This release of CameraRC Deluxe primarily addresses  Camera Disconnects on Mac Computers. You can read more about this at the separate post on Intermittent Camera Disconnects with Older Nikon Models. We also fixed a couple of other smaller problems and added the capability to Shoot Intervals while in Live View. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

This is a small release that adds support for the Nikon D5 Firmware Update 2. Also in this release is a fix for a defect that was causing intermittent crashes when using a D5, D500, or D7500. You can find out more information in the Release Notes.