In this release of CameraRC Deluxe we added support for the Nikon D7500. Also added is a new Custom Bracketing feature for the Professional Edition. Custom Bracketing allows creating brackets that use any combination of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Sensitivity (ISO) to create brackets that can span the full exposure range of your Nikon Camera with any number of shots – A perfect addition for photographing the upcoming solar eclipse.

This release also incorporates the latest version of the Nikon provided camera libraries for Mac that resolve some potential issues in OSX 10.12 (Sierra). For more information on the changes see the Release Notes.

This is a small maintenance releases that fixes an issue primarily with Mac computers intermittently disconnecting from the camera following an image capture. See the 2.1.7 Release Notes. See Release Notes 2.1.6 for a summary of major changes in the last 2 releases.

This is a small maintenance releases that fixes an issue with Mac computers not showing all controls on the Live View and Shooting tabs of the camera control panel. An issue with not being able to set focus points when in 3D Matrix focus mode was corrected. See the 2.1.6 Release Notes for a full description of changes in this and 2.1.5 release.

The latest release of CameraRC Deluxe is major usability improvement release. We have added the capability to use Voice Commands for common capture operations. The Live View Window has also seen a major upgrade so that the major controls needed when in Live View are contained on the Live View Window itself. We also added a toolbar to the image viewer for operations on that page. Check out all the enhancements and bug fixes in the 2.1.5 Release Notes.

The latest release of CameraRC Deluxe is primarily a small fix release. In addition to fixing a few issues we have updated the Libraries provided by Nikon on Mac computers to better support MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) release. We also made some enhancements to the Activation process to address errors on Windows 7 when Network Adapters are not enabled.

The defects corrected are as follows:

  • Corrected intermittent issue on Mac computers with some camera models disconnecting when starting/stopping Live View.
  • Corrected bug with image panning not working in Image Viewer.
  • Fixed issue with interval timer operation in start-stop mode not working correctly.
  • Corrected issues with Variable Gridlines being hidden when Live View Window is expanded.

With this release CameraRC Deluxe no longer officially supports Windows Vista or MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). While we have tested on both of these releases and they do appear functional, we cannot guarantee error free operation as our tool vendors no longer officially support these OS releases. Note that Windows Vista End of Life and support from Microsoft terminates April 11, 2017. While Apple does not have an official End Of Life policy, they stopped sending out security updates for 10.8 in August of 2015.

We are excited to announce a new release of CameraRC Deluxe that adds some significant new features to our product and also introduces our new Professional Edition. This release also adds support for the Nikon D5 Update 1 and the D5600 cameras. For a full list of changes see the Release Notes.

The major new features introduced in this release that are part of the Professional (PRO) release are:

  • Image Comparison Light Table – Now you can compare multiple images on a light table to determine the best copy of a captured image.
  • Variable Gridlines – Create vertical and horizontal gridlines at any location on a live view image – save the gridlines for future use.
  • New Licensing Terms – Our PRO license lets you install and use CameraRC Deluxe on up to 3 computer systems at the same time.

See the Edition Comparisons page to see the major differences between the Professional and Standard editions.

We are pleased to announce the release of CameraRC Deluxe 1.3.0. With this new release CameraRC Deluxe now supports the Nikon D5 and D500. A number of new controls were added to support the D5 and D500 – you can find a list of these controls in the Release Notes.

There are a couple of great new features in this release:

  • Open Aperture Live View Shooting – New Nikon models stop down the aperture in Live View when using Manual or Aperture preferred Exposure Mode that leads to a dim display with small apertures. The “Hold Aperture Open in Live View” feature allows using Manual or Aperture preferred Exposure Mode while holding the live view aperture open when using Live View.
  • The “Transfer JPEG Image Only” feature is used when shooting RAW + JPEG and downloading to Computer + Camera. When this feature is checked only the JPEG file is downloaded to the computer; this can be used to provide faster shot to shot times while still downloading an image to the computer for display.

There were also several bug fixes in this release that you can also read about in the Release Notes.

Resolves 2 important defects:

  • Resolves issue with intermittent crashes while downloading images following image capture on Mac OS systems.
  • Fixes issue with not connecting to D5300/D5500 on Windows OS.

This is a small release with just two minor updates – added a control for setting the aperture in movie mode to the Movie Options panel, and fix of a bug that was hiding the White Balance panel.

This version of CameraRC Deluxe addresses a couple of hang and crash issues that occur under some circumstances. It also fixes an issue on Mac where the program will not operate correctly after the first run due to issues with the program restart information. You can read more about the release in the Release Notes.