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You may want to revert to an older version of  CameraRC Deluxe if you encounter a defect in the latest version

See the Reverting To A Prior Version web page for instructions on reverting to an older version.

CameraRC Deluxe depends on software components received from Nikon to connect to the Nikon Cameras. Nikon typically releases the needed software component about 1 month following the official ship date of a new camera. It then can take us several additional months to integrate the new software component and put out a new release to support he camera.

The Legacy Edition of CameraRC has been retired. You can find the old CameraRC website HERE.

We can offer you a discount if you purchased CameraRC in the past. Please contact us for more information.

We use the Nikon SDK and libraries to interact with the cameras; Nikon only provides these for Windows and Mac operating systems.

These are standard Microsoft components required for program operation.

See Appendix H in our Help for troubleshooting this issue.

In addition to checking your exposure mode and exposure compensation, check that you have the eyepiece cap covering the eyepiece while shooting. Stray light can enter through the eyepiece and cause incorrect exposure. This is also the case when shooting on a tripod without having your eye to the eyepiece.

Yes! You can use CameraRC and shoot from the camera – this is especially useful with portrait photography where you want a large display of the image available on a computer screen after each shot to display. You should be able to use a USB cable up to 5 meters (approximately 15 ft) for shooting. Give it a try, let your subject see what they are doing following each shot. Note that the camera’s shutter release cannot be used in Live View Mode (this is a Nikon restriction) – A remote release also cannot be used in Live View.

Yes – CameraRC Deluxe will update the display the most current image captured full screen if desired. You can also use multiple monitors with CameraRC.

This capability is limited to Nikon cameras that support this capability. At present only the D7000, D5100, D800, D800E, D3S, and D4 and later models support saving to both the card and downloading to the computer.

Not all Nikon Cameras support the mode option. If the live mode option is not displayed then your camera only supports tripod mode and uses contrast auto-focus.

The Live View Release Mode is located on the Live View Tab of the Camera Control Panel, not all Nikon cameras support the Live View Release Mode option and will only be visible if supported.

Contrast auto focus can be very picky – it requires that the object focused on has some level of contrast difference. Try moving the focus point to an area with a contrast difference or use manual focus by focusing in and out..

First make sure that you are in Tripod Mode and you have the Show Focus Points checked on the Live View/Composition Aids panel. If your camera supports Hand Held mode and Hand Held mode is set there is no Live View Focus Point displayed; instead you select a focus point using the Focus Point tab on the focusing tab of the Camera Control Panel or select the focus point using the cursor on the Live View display.

When in Live View Nikon cameras are in a “locked” state and can only be controlled from the computer.

On rare occasions we have seen situations where various windows have become hidden either because they are too small or have moved off the visible portion of the screen. There is a simple fix for this, just Click on the View Menu and then click on the “Reset User Interface”; this will return the windows to their default location and size and should resolve the issue.

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