Video Tutorials

Mac Installation

Tutorial that shows how to install CameraRC Deluxe Software on a Mac Computer

Windows Installation

Tutorial that shows how to install CameraRC Deluxe Software on a Windows Computer

Licensing & Activation

CameraRC Deluxe tutorial on the program licensing and activation process.

User Interface Overview

A tour of the CameraRC Deluxe program interface – Start here to get familiar with the overall User Interface elements.

Control Panel Tour

A tour of the CameraRC Deluxe Camera Control Panel that includes an overview of the controls on the panel and using the various controls.

Capture Basics

Tutorial that shows the basics of capturing images while tethered to your Nikon camera.

File Save Options

Tutorial that shows how to set up the file save options for saving captured images.

Archive Save Mode

CameraRC Deluxe tutorial on using archive mode to save files. Use archive mode for situations like school portraits, or item cataloging.

Live View Basics

Tutorial that describes the basic of using Live View with your Nikon Camera.

Live View Focusing

Tutorial that shows how to do both auto and manual focus with CameraRC Deluxe in live view.

Focus Stack Tutorial

How to setup and shoot focus stacks with CameraRC Deluxe.

Movie Recording Tutorial

Shows the basics of recording and saving movies using CameraRC Deluxe.

Thumbnail and Image Viewer

A tour of the thumbnail and image viewers for CameraRC Deluxe. Shows how to display and move between captured images.

Bracketing Tutorial

How to use both standard and extended shot bracketing with CameraRC Deluxe.

Custom Bracketing Tutorial

A tutorial on creating and using Custom Bracketing.

Intervals Tutorial

A tutorial that shows how to shoot intervals and intervals with brackets using CameraRC Deluxe.

Light Table Guided Tour

A tour of the CameraRC Deluxe Light Table used for Comparing images.